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Enfield Freelance Security Services Company London Tigers

London Tigers Security Services Company comprises of very efficient and experienced team members and guards. We have gained a lot of experience in this field through their hard work and time they spent dealing with the customers. By hiring us you can enjoy the best Freelance Security Services in Enfield. The clients we served are so impressed by our services that they no longer for any other Security Company In Enfield. You can hire us for various services like retail security, CCTV security, static guards and many more. So, what are you waiting for? Call us now to avail of the services of the leading Security Company In Enfield.

Freelance Professional Security Services In Enfield

Listed below are high-quality freelance security services in Enfield you won’t get with any other local security providers.

Retail Security

Before we get started with providing freelance security services in Enfield . We ask our clients about what level of security they want. Either they have a big store or small? After knowing all this information, we may suggest some better options and then get started with the work. Achieving our client’s satisfaction is always our priority. So, all the things will be setup on your requirements.

We not just allocate our guards outside of the store but also on the inside. This is to avoid small lootings that are usually caused by unarmed looters. We assure you that our guard’s behavior would never affect your business. They have good behavior that won’t hurt the people around you. By hiring us you can have complete peace of mind for your store’s security.

VIP Security

We consider the fact that there are many VIP tours in Enfield, London. And for this, we have our VIP freelance security service in Enfield. Either the VIP is a minister, celebrity, or a famous business tycoon. Our guards know how to deal and handle the crowd. It is done in such a way that it neither reduces your fame nor compromises over your security.

Our services are available for both long and short tours. Also, if you want security for the hotel in which the VIP is staying, it is also available.The guards kept for this job are not just highly trained but also are the ones who have great experience in this field.

CCTV Security

London Tigers Security Services Company provides CCTV camera services for houses, offices, hotels, stores, or any other place. Moreover, we also come with a team that does all its monitoring work. We use the most recent technology to serve our clients. All the things recorded by the cameras are being saved by the team so you could view it afterward or in the time of need.

Despite all this what separates us from others is that we place small cameras on the shoulders of our guards. Now, you can see what our guards are seeing. Also, you can have a good look at our guard’s performance that will surely never disappoint you.

Static Guard

Our guards look separate for normal people. This is because of the physical fitness and active movement they possess. We only hire those guards who are authorized by Security Industry Authority (i.e. SIA). Even after hiring we have a complete check over the performance of each individual. Each member is assigned an identity card on which all their details and qualification are mentioned. This is updated overtime if necessary. The guards provided in different sectors are sent on the basis of their qualification i.e. if they are able to face any circumstance that can happen there. However, some qualities are kept necessary for our guards to be appointed. These include dealing with criminal activity, fire emergencies, preventing theft, etc.

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October 22, 2019