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London Tigers Security Services Company is the leading security company in London. We have set up a trustworthy and genuine system of Security Service In London. These services are CCTV Security, VIP Security, Door Supervisor, Retail Security and many more. We not only offer our Security Service In London but in other different cities in the UK. These cities are Birmingham, Kent, Croydon, Surrey, etc. Furthermore, our working professionals have about 30 years of experience in providing optimum security services. We serve our customers with the best solution possible to maintain their property’s security. We satisfy our clients by providing the utmost solutions to their queries and insecurities.

London Tigers Security Services Company is top-rated as the leading Security Company In London as we deliver trustworthy indemnity services. Moreover, we come up with the most suitable and reliable cost, that never upsets our customers. The cost of each service varies from one another, depending upon the requirements. We do customize our services according to our client’s needs. We provide the utmost security services for the protection of human life, businesses, and properties. You can hire us for both short term and long-term services.


We have a list of security services in London which are stated below. You can have a detailed look at the services of our security company London.


Home is the most peaceful place for any human. This is due to the fact that all of his loved ones live there. So, the protection of the house is one’s essential requirement. We provide security services for any kind of residential property. Don’t put the life of your loved ones by hiring any local security service company. Simply, contact us, and we’ll be there at your doorstep to provide high-class security for your home. We offer our services with the most updated technologies. Not only when you’re there, but we’ll also keep your home secure even if you are not at your residence.


We have a whole different kind of freelance security service in London for retailers. Even you have a big retail store or small, we provide customized services for any of them. Also, you can describe the intensity of the security you want for your store. We have experts specially appointed for the retailer’s security. These experts know multiple ways to protect your property. We design programs and strategies in such a way that they will never hurt your business. We focus upon the most insecure area of the retailers and discuss it with them to improve its condition. All this work is done in such a way that it does not make your customers feel unpleasant.


Your business can not succeed if you don’t provide favors and security to your clients and employees. No matter you have an enormous team of workers or have just started with a small team. We will provide you the best freelance security service in London at an affordable cost. For this service, we provide our most alerted and best guards. Because we don’t want your business and company to be affected in any way. Not only for an office building, but you can also hire us for shopping malls as well as hotel services. A number of guards will be provided as per your choice.

Our team works in a very professional way and causes its customers no inconvenience. Our guards are capable of encountering any kind of critical condition urgently. We are sure that the security we provide to the business will definitely increase the company’s success rate.


Searching to provide utmost security to your VIP guest? You’re in the right place. We provide Freelance VIP Security Service in London for your VIP guests at each step. As we are the best security company in London, we provide excessive protection to you. Either you are a minister or famous businessman or any other Hollywood star, we will guard you.

We bet you can’t get a more good VIP security service in London than London Tigers’ Security. They guard assigned for this service are highly experienced trained and fit guards. They’re trained for facing any difficult circumstances and providing utmost safety to the VIP.


The door supervisor is actually our main service. We assign door supervisory to qualified guards gratifying to people. In contrast, they also stop people near your property who seem suspicious and will interrogate them. They are not only positioned at the doorstep but also to some nearby places from the property, to provide the utmost safety. These professionals have high judgmental eyes. They can easily observe any kind of suspicious activity quickly. They are trained enough to resist and wipe out any criminal activity near you.

Noteworthy, they talk to people in such a way that they don’t feel any kind of inconvenience and danger. This is because of the friendly attitude they possess. They interrogate any mysterious person so nicely that they don’t even believe they are being investigated.


We also offer CCTV camera security. We can place the camera at multiple positions upon your choice. Also, we’ll tell you about some best positions to fit the cameras. You will have a fully modified monitoring room. All recordings of the CCTV are being saved safely to be viewed afterward. Not only viewing afterward, but you can also have a live stream of the videos.

Furthermore, our guards have a small hidden camera placed on their shoulders. This enables you to view all that is being seen by the guard. You can have a check on the performance of guards as well.


This service is established for facing any urgent criminal activity. Response mobile patrol is activated when the alarm is activated. We give the quickest response possible with enough force that can handle any scenario. This situation is regarded as an emergency. A further investigation of the crime is also done. We send a post report of the activity as soon as possible to the property owners.

This service is alive all day. However, the main focus of the service is on weekends, public places, and VIP protocols. This service is not only about encountering criminal activities. It further includes emergencies caused by power failures, fire, flood, etc. All you need to do is press the button in an emergency situation and we’re there for help.


The guards appointed by London Tigers Security Services are highly trained people. They pass a number of tests to be hired. Moreover, they are authorized by a number of security authorities. They can be differentiated from ordinary people on the basis of their physique and fitness.

You can also check upon our guards by asking them to show their current identity card. Their identity card is updated from time to time, with a valid till the date mentioned on it. We hire them after testing their quality and quickness in stopping a robbery or any other crime. Also, if they are able to overcome the pain of bullets, injuries or any other damaged caused to them while performing duty.


We have a number of guards who are experts in maintaining crowd security. They can easily let an event going on in a completely secure atmosphere. Other than maintain crowds peace, they can also do various other jobs required for managing a crowd. These duties include ticket checking, entertainers security, and safety, etc. You can hire us for a concert, parks, or any other event’s security. We apply the necessary precautions before anything bad happens. You can call us to customize our event security service in London.


The business that is most affected by the theft in London is small businesses. The most preferable targets for thieves are banks, retails stores and small shops. There is a vital and ultimate need for expert guards who are easily available to us. In contrast, these guards can provide their utmost services for the safety of the train station, nightclubs, clinics, hospitals, etc. You can minimize the chances of looting and theft in your business by hiring our optimum security service in London.

Noteworthy, using a security camera and guards can reduce your risks of criminal activities to zero percent. Listed below are some basic reasons why you should only hire us?


The availability of guard protects your property and lives provides a different level of peace and comfort. A person thinking of his property all the time has the least chances for progressing and earning success. Also, the buyers coming to your shop or store will feel calmness and safety in the atmosphere. Having good security can increase your trade to a greater extent. If you look around, you’ll notice that every successful company has a very impressive security system.


What puts us on the lead among others is our reasonable cost. We provide customized services at minimum prices. If you have any plan for securing your property, we appreciate it and will discuss it more on it upon your choice. But if you don’t have any plan our expert team will put a number of best ideas in front of you so you could select the best out of them. All will be done within your budget. Moreover, you can ask us about any other query related to security at that time even afterward as well. We consider our client’s priority is our priority.


The guards we hire are very intelligent, judgmental and quick. They are trained to smell any kind of suspicious activity happening near to them. They have the ability to determine any criminal activity before they can even take place. We come with the possible outcomes to prevent the scenario. The SIA skilled officers are highly trained for these purposes. Not only through this, we consider any suspicious happening going on in the place with the help of the CCTV, as the monitors are very active people. Mostly, the places assigned with guards are less likely to be attacked by criminals.


We feel pleasure in serving our clients. We work 24/7 to meet any type of emergency regarding our clients. The mobile patrol is very quick in responding to emergencies. Just press the button and we’re at your place for help. Our other services such as corporate security, residential security, etc. are also famous because of our quick response time. London tigers security knows how to deal with any kind of criminal activity on the spot, so those innocent people are not injured. Handling the criminal without harming is our priority but if it’s out of hand, we involve the police in it. Our guards don’t panic if an incident happens. They are strong physically as well as mentally. They are able to handle any difficult situation sensibly.

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October 16, 2019