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London Tigers Security Services Company is proud to be the top Freelance Security Services Company In Staines. It is because of the high quality of security services we provide in Staines. Our Freelance Security Services In Staines include a number of efficient services. These are Door Supervisor, CCTV Monitoring, Static Guarding, VIP Protocol, Responsive Mobile Patrols and many more. We have immensely trained guards who can who are able to encounter any situation of emergency. Not only emergencies they prove to be the best guards in providing every day security services in Staines. Our staff, team, and guards work so hard to make and retain our position as the best Freelance Security Services Company In Staines

Best Freelance Security Services Company In Staines

Our clients are always our first priority. What’s important for them ultimately becomes important for us. Listed below are the services of leading Freelance Security Services In Staines by London Tigers.

Residential Security

We understand how important it is for anyone that his/her loved ones are always protected. We assure you that the protection is our utmost responsibility. London Tigers Security Company has specially assigned its guards for providing residential services. Every security provider company’s guard works properly when you’re at home. But what happens when you’re not at home? You’ll never have to be worried about your residence in your absence when you have hired the guards of the by London Tigers Security Services Ltd. We perform our duty in the same way as if you are their keeping check on all the things.

Retail Security

We know that being an owner of the retail store is not easy. You have to keep a check on multiple things i.e. payments, clients, dealers, etc. In this rush, you may not be able to maintain the security level of your store. And for this reason, we are for your help.

Not only at the outside, but we also position our guards inside of your retail store is well. This is because every customer visiting your store isn’t always trustworthy. We acknowledge the fact that not only robberies need a weapon. Our Freelance Security Services Guards have open and judgmental eyes that can easily detect any inappropriate act around you. Apart from judgment qualities, our guards are very friendly to everyone, so that your business won’t get damaged.

Corporate Security

Your business protection is our responsibility. We provide the best Freelance Security Services for your office building, employees, clients and important documents. Not only for office buildings, but we also provide our services for malls and hotels as well. More than just training for defense, our guards know how to maintain their professional behavior so that your business doesn’t get damaged. A business grows more progressively only when its employees work well, and their clients are happy with them. And who will not be happy with an organization which takes their security as its priority? For the healthy growth of your business hire Freelance SIA Licensed guards.

VIP Security

Want security for VIP. We supply optimum Freelance Security Services Company for ministers, celebrities, politicians or any other famous personalities. We know how to handle the crowd around you. Our team is so organized that without hurting your fans or follower’s feelings we’ll let you enjoy your trip to the fullest. We provide security of VIP’s for long and short both trips. The experienced professionals who are assigned for VIP security are specially trained for better communication skills and crowd maintenance. They won’t let any unnecessary or unauthorized person come near you.

Door Supervisor

We provide door supervising service not only for the main entrance but for all other entering and exit spots. Nobody will be allowed to access your residence or office without passing proper checking. A place with a lot of guards highly reduces the chances of crimes. They are very friendly to everyone around them that nobody hesitates or resists their checking.

CCTV Security

We not only just install CCTV cameras. But only provide a big team that could monitor all this data. With our monitoring team, you will also be given full access to see what’s going around you. For better service, we fix a hidden camera on the shoulders of our Freelance Security Guards. This enables you to see whatever they are seeing. Also, it will let you see and observe their performance. We take quick action if we see anything suspicious happening around you.

Responsive Mobile Petrol

London Tigers Security Services provides optimum emergency services. Our security service team in Staines is always ready to face any hardship that could arise anytime anywhere. Our guards are mentally and physically so strong that they can handle any circumstances with saving the maximum lives possible.

If any emergency appears, all you need to do is press the alarm button. We fix our alarm button at your house, office building or any other place. They are positioned at multiple places in the building. So, if any emergency happens you can press the button as soon as possible.  Moreover, these positions are not only related to crimes and robberies only. We consider flood, fire, and earthquakes as emergencies also.

Static Guards

Our guards are put through some toughest training tests to become part of our organization. And this is the reason behind why we are the best Freelance Security Services Company In Staines. We issue separate identity cards to each individual member of our team. You can check the authenticity of our guards at any time anywhere. Also, these cards are renewed each year. This is done to provide the latest information about each of our teammates. All of their latest information is mentioned over their card.

Events Security

We provide a big group of guards for the protection of events. These events can be a concert, parks, gatherings or any other event. We can customize our guard service upon your choice. Also, we can provide some more services than just security. These services include ticket collection, quality of big swings and others. our guards also provide Freelance Security Services Company for the VIP present at gatherings or at the backside of the concrete stage.

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October 15, 2019