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Are you looking for the professional security company, security officers or door supervisor in the Thornton Heath for the premises or the event? If yes, London Tigers Security Services Company offering Freelance Security Services that is affordable and easy to hire an SIA licensed security officer without a monthly or yearly contract. No need to pay any extra cost in the shape of transport allowance, food allowance, residence allowance or any other type of allowance. You are free to hire a security officer on an hourly basis after visiting his/her profile in which is mentioned his/her skills, age, height, weight, location and much more.

London Tigers Security Services is an open platform for companies, clients, security officers or for door supervisors to choose the best choice as per the requirement. No one will force the client or the company to hire the selected guard and even companies or clients can’t force the security officer or security guard to perform the job.

How Does IT Work?

As we discussed at the beginning that the London Tigers Security Services Company offering freelance security services that are matchless and instant without any hesitation. Our Freelance Security Officers, Security Guards and Door Supervisors are self-employed and hired to work for different locations on particular assignments. They have enough experience to deal any kind of situation and they know the Standard Operating Procedure of each site that is necessary to follow & report to the Site Manager or Supervisor. You can hire the best Security Officer on an hourly basis for the short term assignment or can hire for the long-term project after assisting the London Tigers Security Company support team that is available 24/7 for your help.


Thornton Heath Freelance Security Services Company

Companies or clients have different requirements as per the premises or an event. London Tigers Security Services Company offering all types of Security Services at your door with few clicks. Below are mentioned few freelance security services that are available 24/7.

Door Supervisor

We hired SIA Licensed experienced & professional security door supervisors with better communication skills and problem solvers to face any kind of situation with full confidence and without hesitation. Our selected door supervisors are available in a day, evening or night shift with a proper uniform. You just have to visit our website or open our mobile app, select the door supervisor and place an order, door supervisor will perform the job on an hourly basis as per the bid offered.

Retail Security

It’s really difficult to manage shopping malls or retail stores without physical security because the crime rate is increasing on daily basis and CCTV cameras are not enough to secure the retail store or shopping mall. Robbers carry guns or knives and sometimes shoot people in Panic. London Tigers Freelance Retail Security Service is really helpful for owners to order Retail Security for few hours to manage visitors in rush hours, especially on weekend or if the store or shopping mall is open 24/7.

Corporate Security

London Tigers Corporate Security officers are well mannered with the proper uniforms to greet people, visitors or staff. Our Security Officers performed jobs in different law firms and government agencies to resolve business security issues.  Hire our freelance security officers on an hourly basis for your meetings, events, personal escort or general building security without any long-term contract. Pay only when you are satisfied and happy.

Thornton Heath Freelance Security Jobs

Great opportunity for SIA licensed security officers. We are hiring Security officers for Residential Security, Retail Security, Corporate Security, Construction Security, CCTV Security, Events Security, VIP Security and Door Supervisors. London Tigers Freelance Security Services offering thousands of jobs in the UK.

Hire Thornton Heath Freelance Security Guards

London Tigers Security Company offering all types of Security Services in Thornton Heath as per your requirement on an immediate basis without any delay and without any monthly or yearly contract. Choose the right guard with the right skills that suits your requirement. If you have any specific requirement or don’t know how to register? Please contact our customer support that is available 24/7.

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October 24, 2019